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Keynote Speech

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I was honored to have been chosen to deliver the Welcome Remarks and Keynote Speech during our Kindergarten Graduation ceremony at Merville Sacred Heart School on March 20, 2010.

Needless to say, my mom and dad — especially my dad — was so anxious about my delivery.  It was quite long and it was my first time to deliver a speech in front of a big audience so I was also nervous.

But I did just fine, thanks to the Sisters of Sacred Heart who patiently coached me in the delivery of my speech.  Thanks to my ates, too, for ensuring that I regularly practice my speech.

Of course my mom wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a video of my speech, so here it is.  She took it from quite a distance though so the video quality is not that great.  It was me behind the rostrum, alright, you may take my word for it.

And just in case it interests you, here’s the full text of my speech:

Reverend Mother Alfonsina Reccia, Superior Delegate of the Reparatrix Sisters of the Sacred Heart;

Reverend Mother Eugenia Azzarone, Superior of Multinational Sacred Heard School;

Reverend Sister Marea Jennifer Castillo, Superior of Merville Sacred Heart School;

Reverend Sister Elisa M. Lipardo, our very own School Directress;

Our Beloved Parents; Dear Sisters; Our Treasured Teachers; Distinguished Guests; Fellow Graduates; Our Younger Brothers, Sisters, and Friends; Ladies and Gentlemen, GOOD DAY!

It is with utmost joy and pride that I welcome all of you to our GRADUATION DAY!

For us 33 members of the Kinder-Prep Class, this is the very first of what will hopefully be many graduation ceremonies.

We will soon bid farewell to our Beloved Merville Sacred Heart School, to our dear Teachers, and to our younger friends in Pre-Nursery, Nursery 1, and Nursery 2.

Saying goodbye brings sadness and a heavy heart, for we are leaving behind fond memories of many fun activities, countless new discoveries, and budding friendships.

Saying goodbye also comes with trepidation, as we will leave this familiar, comfortable, and safe compound of Merville Sacred Heart School to venture into whole new worlds out there.

But we, the graduates, are just a bit saddened and afraid.  For our teachers here in Merville Sacred Heart School have taught us well.  They have molded us with the beliefs, values, and deportment that distinguish good Christian children.  They have equipped us with the skills and knowledge that will give us a head start when we enter Grade School and beyond.

We, the graduates, are happy for this first big milestone in our young lives.

We thank Jesus for making us into intelligent, obedient, healthy, and happy kids.  We thank Mama Mary for looking after us and praying for our well-being.  We thank our parents for their discernment and resolve in enrolling us to Merville Sacred Heart School and for providing for our needs.  We thank our teachers for their patience and their eagerness to impart knowledge to us.  We thank our guardians and yayas for always caring for us.  We thank our classmates, friends and playmates for the great time.

Once again, on behalf of the Merville Sacred Heart School Graduating Class of 2010, I WELCOME YOU TO OUR GRADUATION DAY.  Do celebrate this day with us.

Thank you very much!

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