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Posing with the gorgeous Anne Curtis

Posing with the gorgeous Anne Curtis
I saw Anne Curtis last October 20, 2013, Sunday while Mom, Dad, Johan and I ate lunch at Breakfast at Antonio’s in Tagaytay City.
We just came from a family weekend outing in Canyon Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas. We arrived in Breakfast at Antonio’s almost at the same time as Anne’s group. A Facebook friend of my dad told him that, apparently, Anne and her friends just came from a morning hike in Mt. Batulao that day.

Kata freshies first going-out activity

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Last October 17, 2013, I had my 1st going-out with the Katapatan class @ Casa Manila in Intramuros and Science Discovery Center in SM MOA.

What I enjoyed most were the times that I listened to Johan screaming; when DJ, Diego, Teacher Elyo, Sasha, and I were talking about what play we wanted to do next year; when Alyssa and I were trying to hide from Rafie and Sasha in the Science Discovery Center;  and when DJ, Diego, Sasha, and I were playing at the kiddie corner @ Honda Makati while Teacher Elyo was getting something. It was so much fun!

Oh, yeah! I did everything! I did the planning, the calling, the researching & the making of the letter. But, Tori, Rafie, Sasha, and Alyssa helped me a bit. 🙂

My 1st tandem presentation

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I had my first Open House as a Level 2 student last October 4, 2013.

Since I’m a Level 2 student already, I was paired with another level 2 student and together we presented to all the parents assigned in our assigned time slot.  I presented “Mixtures” with one of my best friends, Sasha De Velez.

I am “Amanda Thripp”

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On September 26, 2013, the Katapatan class of Maria Montessori Children’s School presented “Matilda the Musical.”

Too bad I was too big to be Matilda. I played the role of “Amanda Thripp” instead. Not bad. It was a fun role and me and my friends had a lot of fun in the whole presentation.

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Taekwondo: Kicks Demonstration

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This is the last Taekwondo demonstration from my low-high blue belt promotion test on November 15 at San Beda Alabang. This is a very tiring demonstration because we were asked to do several different kicks, including 2-leg kick combinations non-stop and in rapid succession.

Thanks to my mom for this video clip, as always.

Taekwondo: Self-Defense Demonstration

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Here’s another video from my low-blue to high-blue belt promotion test on November 25 at San Beda, Alabang.

This video is of our demonstration of self-defense 11, 13, and 15.

As usual this video is courtesy of my mom.

Taekwondo: Taegeuk 3 Demonstration

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I took my low-blue to high-blue belt promotion test on November 25 at San Beda, Alabang.

Here’s a video of my Taegeuk 3 (form) demonstration courtesy of my ever reliable videographer – my mom!

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